Pro-Eco-Lite™ Headwalls​

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Pro-Eco-Lite™ Headwalls​

The incorporation of end treatments in drainage structures has long been established as a best practice within the engineering community. Pro-Eco-LiteTM headwalls leverage advanced construction materials and sound engineering principles to ensure that your drainage structures surpass performance expectations. Utilizing a Pro-Eco-LiteTM headwall typically enhances hydraulics, diminishes erosion, and elevates aesthetics. This translates into advantages for the owner, including reduced maintenance costs, decreased sediment pollution, and an extended service life for the structure.

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Enhanced Hydraulics Pro-Eco-LiteTM headwalls augment pipe flow capacity by minimizing turbulence and channeling the flow at the inlet.

Erosion Protection These headwalls prevent embankment erosion at the inlet by providing a durable surface at the pipe entry. At the outlet, Pro-Eco-LiteTM headwalls enable the flow to disperse across their apron, mitigating energy levels and the potential for embankment scour. Properly installed, they also help prevent piping – the undesired flow of water through the embankment backfill around the outside of a pipe conduit.

Visibility and Structural Support Pro-Eco-LiteTM headwalls visually identify pipe openings, safeguarding them from traffic and road maintenance equipment. Additionally, they offer structural support for the road, preventing pipe crushing during embankment daylighting.

Engineered from a composite reinforced polymer concrete, Pro-Eco-LiteTM headwalls combine the lightweight characteristics of plastics with the strength of concrete.

Key Advantages:

  • Lightweight: Approximately 10% of the weight of comparable concrete headwalls, ideal for weak subgrade conditions and cost-effective shipping and installation.
  • Durable: Made from non-conductive and corrosion-resistant composite reinforced polymer concrete, with fire-retardant materials and UV-stabilized fiberglass skin for longevity.
  • Versatile: Customizable solutions for specific site requirements.

Benefits of choosing Pro-Eco-Lite™ Headwalls​


Pro-Eco-LiteTM headwalls are highly durable due to their composite reinforced polymer concrete construction, ensuring long-lasting performance.


Pro-Eco-LiteTM headwalls are impressively lightweight, approximately 10% of the weight of comparable concrete headwalls, facilitating easy handling and cost-effective transportation and installation.

Fast Installations

Pro-Eco-LiteTM headwalls enable rapid installations, thanks to their lightweight design, allowing for swift and efficient setup, leading to cost savings for both contractors and owners.


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