Aerix Industries

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Aerix Industries

The products available through Aerix Industries, such as foam liquid concentrates, are designed for compressive strengths and controlled densities. Specifically, they specialize in low-density cellular concrete (LDCC) and advanced engineered foam solutions. Applications may include geotechnical, mining, permeable concrete, roofing, ready mix, manufacturing, and flooring.

The integrated designed foam liquid concentrates from Aerix Industries enable our customers to create and install high-quality, lightweight cellular concretes and to use lightweight cellular concrete technology for a range of applications. For more than 75 years, Aerix has offered cutting-edge designed foam solutions to the construction, mining, manufacturing, roofing, and ready-mix industries.

Protein, synthetic, and protein/synthetic hybrid formulas are part of Aerix’s constantly growing and inventive product portfolio. These formulations are designed to provide controlled densities and satisfy specified strengths based on particular project requirements. The most stable pre-made foam in the business is created by Aerix’s innovative foam liquid concentrates.


Benefits of choosing Aerix Industries

High Quality

Aerix products are very high quality which can save your project money in the long-run.

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Aerix Industries offers cutting edge technology to it's foam solutions.

Highly Pumpable

The benefit to Aerix products is the ease of use in regards to the product being highly pumpable. This makes it a very flexible product for numerous applications.


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