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Bringing you valuable, highly-engineered solutions is our reason for being, which is why we have the term Value Engineered (“VE”) right in our name. Since 2017, our company has specialized in designing highly engineered solutions in the construction industry, including innovative approaches to culvert lining, lightweight cellular concrete, stormwater and drinking water, and more. We are an independent firm that specializes in trenchless solutions. Because we work for you, we can recommend the product that will work best for your project, instead of focusing on just one product type or brand.

Our Partners

The earthwork solutions that DLVEWS represents is a full line of lightweight/low-density cellular concrete and flowable fill solutions. We offer solutions for poor soil remediation, retaining wall backfills, bridge approaches, and anywhere a lightweight fill could benefit a project.

For these projects, the companies we represent include:
Culverts & Sanitary Piping — Snap-Tite, Channeline, Weholite, HydraTite, Contech Engineered Solutions, Etc.
Lightweight Fill Solutions — Aerix Industries
Inflow & Infiltration Solutions—Cretex Specialty Products which include Pro-Ring, Internal and External Seals, Joints seals, etc. CAP Composite Frames and Covers

Meet our Leadership

Don LeBlanc, P.E.

Don LeBlanc is the president of DLVEWS, Inc. He has been in the industry for 15 years. He started his career as an engineer for storm water treatment solutions in the northeast states. Don continued advancing through opportunities to work closely with consulting engineers, various DOTs, and other entities on meeting their infrastructure needs.

Don has traveled much of the eastern U.S. assisting with unique culvert, bridge, and retaining wall projects. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Maine and is a registered Professional Engineer. For the past 10 years, Don has been highly-focused on the rehabilitation of the failing culvert and sewer infrastructure in our country. He is an active member of the culvert committee and a friend of the geotechnical committees within the Transportation Research Board. Don is also an active board member of the ASCE Maine Chapter.

Bryan Honeycutt

Bryan Honeycutt brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the DL VEWS team. As a project manager and business development professional with more than 25 years of experience, Bryan is skilled at the navigation of state, federal, military, and private certification and accreditation processes. His skills include construction management, project estimating, creating customized solutions to meet end use specifications, as well as sales and marketing. He holds a degree in Textile Material Science (Polymer Engineering) from North Carolina State University.

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