CCI Piping Systems

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CCI Piping Systems

“Offering decades of experience and dedication to the piping industry. CCI Piping Systems has proven itself time and again with innovative solutions, creative ideas and a firm commitment to their  customers.”

-CCI Piping

 CCI Piping Systems has consistently demonstrated value, cutting-edge solutions, original concepts, and a strong dedication to their clients,.
In addition to field training and after-hours customer service, CCI Piping Systems provides a wide range of services. CCI Piping Systems  are well-positioned for future expansion and are constantly looking for fresh, creative methods to meet the demands of their clients.
CCI Piping Systems are confident that a high degree of quality can be reliably, honorably, and profitably reached in the production and marketing of pipe protection goods. CCI Piping Systems  believes in order to be truly successful, they must keep providing their customers with the most modern technologies at the most affordable costs.

Key Advantages:

  • Easy to handle and install
  • Lightweight
  • Corrosion-resistant by nature (Composite products will remain unchanged, even in the most aggressive environments. This can apply to areas with exposure to sewers, petrochemicals, diesel, de-icing solutions, and salt water.)
  • No signal interference with wireless communication devices.
  • High Strength 
  • Abrasion Resistant

Benefits of choosing CCI piping Systems™


CCI Piping Systems have innovate products for piping applications.

Quality Products

CCI products are lightweight so no more back breaking lifting with old manholes.


Strength is key for manholes and this is where CCI shines. All CCI products are strong and can withstand anything you can throw at it.


As always our professional support staff is here with whatever questions you might have.

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