Manhole Rehabilitation Solutions

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Manhole Rehabilitation Solutions

Managing the safety and effectiveness of manholes shouldn’t be stressful or time-consuming. In fact, many of the solutions offered by DL VEWS will afford you a simpler process and reduced time in the maintenance of these critical structures.

For example, Pro-Ring products are cost effective, lightweight, efficient, and quick to install. Sewer and drainage systems need seals that can stand the test of time — and the elements — in order to maintain the health of the system and of the general public. The prevention of groundwater infiltration through the sealing of sanitary manholes is another essential function of these structures, which is often best achieved through chimney seals.

While the functions of manholes are universal, we recognize that the solutions needed in each area are not. That’s why the experts at DL VEWS will help you take the guesswork out of rehabilitating the manholes by creating customized plans and product recommendations tailored to your specific needs.

Pro-Ring™ Grade Rings

Pro-Ring™ (EPP) is the only manhole grade adjustment system built of expanded polypropylene, and can withstand the most extreme circumstances.
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Chimney Seals

Chimney seals serve as long-lasting protection against leaks and to prevent groundwater infiltration.
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Joint Seals

Ensure public health and safety by providing a protective barrier using our joint seal solutions.
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Frames & Covers Composite Access Products

Composite Access Products™ (CAP) are the best choice for strength, longevity, and reliability.
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Manhole Repair Project Design Worksheet

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