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The most popular large diameter plastic pipe in the world is Weholite. Globally, the brand is known for quality, dependability, and adaptability. Weholite products are widely employed in industry in the management of storm and wastewater, maritime applications, potable water applications, packaged pump stations, chambers, and infra culverts.Since its creation in 1983, Weholite Technology has revolutionized the world market for large diameter plastic pipes. High-density polyethylene is used to create Weholite, a structural panel or HDPE pipe with a structured wall (HDPE). Weholite is a lightweight engineered material with exceptional loading capacity, chemical inertness, and a 120-year design life that was created by fusing the qualities of raw materials with cutting-edge production techniques. Major contractors, municipalities, and energy firms are just a few of our clients.

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Key Advantages

  • Modest in weight
  • Flexible
  • Impact-resistant
  • Practical installation
  • Enhanced hydraulics features
  • Fusion-welded joints
  • Watertight mechanical joints
  • Abrasion and corrosion resistant
  • Less environmental deterioration
  • Greatly-reduced carbon footprint
  • Sustainable production
  • UV-resistant
  • Reliable
  • Extended design life (120 years, or 60 years above-ground)

Benefits of choosing Weholite™

UV Resistant

While other products may breakdown due to UV rays Weholite does not.


Looking for a lightweight solution for your next pipe product look no further than Weholite.

Impact Resistant

Not only is Weholite lightweight it's also tough and is very impact resistant.

120-Year Design Life

Weholite's life span is incredible with 120-Year Design Life Weholite lasts.

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