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Composite Access Products™ (CAP)

Compression molding is used in the production of composite coverings and frames by Composite Access Products (CAP)™.

  • Unlike other composite choices (RIM/RTM/SMC), CAPs feature a special proprietary blend of continuous, long and short fibers — which create improved load and surface strength.
  • With a rating of HS-25, CAP covers satisfy the AASHTO M 306 Proof Load test criteria for American highways. Many state DOTs have approved CAP, the only US composite cover manufacturer, for use “inside roadway.”
  • Compression-molded, traffic-rated composite manhole covers from CAP are produced in the USA.


For the best seal, the composite cover, and frame of the CAP are perfectly matched, gasketed, and bolted together. Rest assured, this close fit won’t result in an opening issue because CAPs don’t corrode or stick. CAP has the best by far impermeable cover, as determined by a significant U.S. utility.

A Note About Product Origins

It is important for local governments to know where tax money is spent. If “Made In USA” is not prominently displayed on the cover top, the cover is most likely Chinese and not American. If no nation of origin is inscribed on the top, the cover is likely against AASHTO M 306 and U.S. law (19 USC 1304(e)). Using CAP products can help ensure compliance.

Key Advantages:

  • Easy to handle and
  • install/Lightweight
  • No resale value to the scrap market, eliminating theft
  • Corrosion-resistant by nature (Composite products will remain unchanged, even in the most aggressive environments. This can apply to areas with exposure to sewers, petrochemicals, diesel, de-icing solutions, and salt water.)
  • No signal interference with wireless communication devices (making them particularly suitable for applications associated with water metering automation or electrical switching for smart grid technology)
  • Does not conduct stray voltage or heat; can shield pedestrians from the underground
  • Can be color-customized and display a logo or service identification

Benefits of choosing Composite Access Products™ (CAP)

USA Made

CAP is made right here in the USA so you can be assured of great quality, all while supporting American jobs.

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Quality Products

CAP products are lightweight so no more back breaking lifting with old manholes.


Strength is key for manholes and this is where CAP shines. All CAP products are strong and can withstand anything you can throw at it.


As always our professional support staff is here with whatever questions you might have.

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