Mining Lightweight
Cellular Concrete

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Mining with Lightweight Cellular Concrete

Mining with Lightweight Cellular Concrete

Interested in how Lightweight Cellular Concrete can be used in mining? Consider these versatile applications.

Foam can be mixed with tails or other waste materials and used underground for cut-and-fill mining, ground support, and pillar recovery. A designed geotechnical material with evenly-spaced air gaps is created. (It can be compared to concrete with air as the aggregate.)

Material Transport
Aerix Industries has created a novel foam product that can be used to fill voids or to carry solid products, including waste crusher sands, fine ores, and mine tails through a pipeline.

The procedure offers a less expensive and more ecologically-friendly transit option. The results of ARX-Transport ™ include:
Lower velocity
Reduced abrasion
Little to no sanding area
Consumes up to 95% less water
Suspends the tailing particles without any segregation during transport.

Plus, the flow pattern switches from turbulent to laminar at lower speeds, which lowers the energy need and increases the variety of pumps which can be employed to convey the tailings.

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To fill subsidence holes and other openings connected to operating and closed mines, the AERLITE series of foam liquid concentrates can be employed. 


Low-density cellular concrete (LDCC) can be used to fill: 

Auger holes
Subsidence cracks
Intersecting caves

It can also incorporate tails, crusher fines, fly ash, and coarse materials up to 3/4″ in thickness. Tanks, decant lines, culverts, pipe galleries, and conveyors may all be swiftly and affordably filled. Older pipelines’ risk of subsidence can be decreased by using our permeable AQUAERiX product in pipes while still allowing flow. The lightweight permeable low-density cellular concrete can also be used to support the roof and create a physical barrier in adits and portals that produce water.


Which products does DLVEWS use for Lightweight Cellular Concrete for Roofing Applications ?

In order to best serve our clients, DLVEWS represents the following products: 

  • Aerix Industries

Additional options are also offered as needed based on project scope.


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