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DuroMaxx® SRPE offers the lightweight, affordable structural benefits of conventional HDPE. The steel reinforced ribs have an inherent capacity that prevents the pipe from creeping or buckling. Since DuroMaxx is more resistant to the effects of temperature and sunshine, it can be twice as stiff as HDPE pipe without steel reinforcement.

Additionally to being watertight Duromaxx can withstand corrosive soils and abrasive flows. The smooth interior of DuroMaxx creates a pipe that is hydraulically effective and capable of Manning’s “n” values of 0.011 to 0.013, allowing for shorter runs and minimal slope designs.

Benefits of Duromaxx


Duromaxx is offers lightweight characteristics which makes it easy to handle.


Duromaxx is comes water tight which is a great feature that many products do not offer.


Stronger than HDPE and no need for steel reinforcement Duromaxx is just tough.


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