CMP Retention/Detention

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CMP Retention/Detention

Detentention systems made of corrugated metal pipe (CMP) are intended to collect and hold stormwater runoff and release the water from a smaller outlet at a controlled rate that is equal to or less than the planned discharge rate.

CMP retention systems do not have an outlet feature and are made of fully or partially perforated Corrugated Metal Pipe. Without an outlet, these systems regulate stormwater discharge by allowing water to seep back into the nearby ground, maintaining already-established flow patterns.


-Ultra-customizable with many size, corrugation, gauge, and coating configurations that allow the system to fit most any project footprint.

-Use existing space eliminating need to purchase additional property for stormwater storage. Land over systems can be used for parking, green space, or recreational areas and help in reducing landowner liabilities that may arise with having above ground retention ponds.

-Elimate insect/pest habitat and breeding grounds economical installation and system material costs. 

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