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Lightweight Cellular Concrete for Geotechnical Applications

Lightweight Cellular Concrete (LCC) is a slurry mixture comprised of cement and water. It contains prefabricated foam to purposely create air gaps. This allows it to be used as a robust, lightweight, and cost-effective replacement for soil or fill in geotechnical applications.


  • The top advantages of LCC for geotechnical applications:
  • Considerably lighter than soil
  • Extremely flowable
    Able to fill cavities of any size or shape
  • Frequently less expensive than several other systems
  • May aid in expedited construction timelines


When utilized as a lightweight fill poured on top of soft, compressible soils, LCC’s lightweight property decreases ground settlement. It also enhances the bearing capacity, the static stability, and the seismic stability of embankments.

An LCC mix is also extremely flowable (even over long distances), which allows it to be effectively and safely positioned in tight or challenging spaces. These may include pipes, trenches, tunnels, wall backfills, and other places where the regular placement of compacted earthen fill is historically challenging (if not impossible).

Because of these characteristics, LCC is a low-cost option for many geotechnical applications

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Lightweight Cellular Concrete is quick in placement and setting time, savin you valuable time on your jobsite. Consider these additional beneficial characteristics of Lightweight Cellular Concrete:

  • Ability to be excavated
  • Aggregate conservation
  • Density, strength, and permeability control
  • Dynamic properties
  • Ease of pumping
  • Energy dissipation and damping
  • Increased worker safety
  • Inert/non flammable
  • Insulation
  • Freeze-thaw resistance
  • Local availability
  • Reduced transportation costs and emissions
  • Self-leveling

Which products does DLVEWS use for Lightweight Cellular Concrete for Geotechnical Applications ?

In order to best serve our clients, DLVEWS represents the following products: 

  • Aerix Industries



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