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A special wraparound heat-shrinkable sleeve and specialized primer make up the WrapidSeal™ Manhole Encapsulation System, which is made precisely to seal joints and keep groundwater from getting into a collection system. It is sold in bulk rolls of various widths.  WrapidSeal™has a cross-linked polyolefin backing and is coated with a potent heat-activated adhesive. The glue successfully bonds to the substrate, giving corrosion protection and adhesion for the impermeable backing, and a separate closure is employed to make a complete sleeve.


Both new construction and manhole rehabilitation projects can benefit from WrapidSeal™. Since financial considerations often do not allow for the excavation of a whole man-hole, the majority of rehabilitation procedures using WrapidSeal™ typically only involve the upper portion of the structure. Partial replacement is also beneficial when rehabilitation is restricted to the top 12 to 24 inches of the manhole, according to an engineering study on manhole rehabilitation. Due to its exceptional capacity to conform, seal, allow for movement, and give structural integrity, WrapidSeal™ performs especially well on the top of the manhole.

Key Advantages:

  • Quality 
  • Cost effective
  • Corrosion-resistant by nature (Composite products will remain unchanged, even in the most aggressive environments. This can apply to areas with exposure to sewers, petrochemicals, diesel, de-icing solutions, and salt water.)
  • Comes in various lengths

Benefits of choosing WrapidSeal™

Corrosion Resistant

WrapidSeal™ is corrosion resistant so it will last for years.

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Quality Products

WrapidSeal™ is a quality product that will give you peace of mind knowing that it will last.


Strength is key for manholes and this is where WrapidSeal™. All WrapidSeal™ products are strong and can withstand anything you can throw at it.


As always our professional support staff is here with whatever questions you might have.

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