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A sophisticated, HDPE fluid network conveyance system called Spirolite® consists of spirally-wound HDPE pipe in open, closed, or solid wall profiles up to 120″ diameter (or larger) — as well as pipes, fittings, manholes, and structures.


Spirolite is the most advanced thermoplastic pipe technology for big diameters. 

  • These speciality pipes are affordable, lightweight, strong, resistant to weathering and corrosion, and accommodate a wide temperature range. 
  • They are made to be simple to assemble.
  • Spirolite is the preferable alternative to the conventional materials for sewers (such as concrete) since it is more pressure-resistant, requires less upkeep, and has a longer lifespan.
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Key Advantages:

  • Flexible, long-lasting HDPE system
  • Cost-effective for applications involving municipal and industrial waste as compared to typical piping systems
  • Available in diameters between 18” and 120” inside diameter
  • Reduces installation time
  • Ensures corrosion resistance for long-term durability

Benefits of choosing Spirolite™


Spirolite is a cost effective solution compared to traditional pipe. Spirolite is a great solution for all your relining needs

Temperature Range

Spirolite has a wide temperature range and on top of this is also corrosion resistant.

Different Diameters

Available in diameters between 18” and 120” inside diameter


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